Volotea Boeing 717 (© O. Pritzkow)
Volotea Boeing 717 (© O. Pritzkow)

Volotea, the airline of small and mid-sized European cities, started its operation from the Athens International Airport with the Athens-Venice flight. This is the first of the different flights that will take passengers from Athens to the 5 destinations offered by Volotea in 2015: Venice, Santorini, Palermo, Pisa/Tuscany and Bari.

Starting in April 2015, Volotea launches five new routes from Athens airport:

Domestic routes
· Santorini: starts on May 29th 2015 till October 2nd 2015. 4 weekly flights

International routes
· Venice (Italy): starts on April 3rd 2015 till October 30th 2015. 3 weekly flights.
· Bari (Italy): starts May 29th 2015 till October 1st 2015. 2 weekly flights.
· Palermo (Italy): starts June 26th 2015 till September 4th 2015. 2 weekly flights.
· Pisa/Tuscany (Italy): starts May 29th 2015 till October 2nd 2015. 2 weekly flights.

Volotea has started today its operations from Athens with the traditional water arch that has welcomed its first airplane to the Athens International Airport. It will be the first year of operations of Volotea in Athens, and the fourth in Greece, where it has already transported close to 200.000 passengers since April 2012. In total, Volotea will fly to 12 greek destinations this year and will operate 27 greek routes.

Volotea will offer more than 480 flights from Athens in 2015, being the Athens-Venice route the one with the highest number of flights. The company will offer more than 60.000 seats on the routes departing from Athens.

Volotea continues its growth in Europe in 2015

Volotea plans to grow to a total of 153 routes in 2015. This growth will lean on the fleet enlargement with four more planes, from the 15 Boeings 717 from last year to 19 planned for this 2015. In addition, 2 new bases have been incorporated this year reaching 6 bases in total: Venice and Palermo in Italy, Nantes, Bordeaux and Strasbourg in France and Asturias in Spain.

Volotea has a fleet of 19 Boeing 717 with 125 seats that offer comfort, confidence and service quality. Their planes have five seats per row and 80% of passengers have window or corridor seat.


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