VLM announces three new destinations

VLM Airlines Fokker 50
VLM Airlines Fokker 50 (CC BY-SA 2.0 D. Ingham)

VLM Airlines (Belgium) will this April be launching daily scheduled flights between Rotterdam-Hamburg, and Antwerp-Hamburg. The move continues VLM Airlines’ evolution as a scheduled operator, building on the launch of an Antwerp-Geneva service last month.

Passengers will be able to choose from two return Rotterdam-Hamburg flights each weekday from Monday April 13. Twice-daily return weekday flights between Antwerp and Hamburg will begin flying on Monday April 20. Both services will utilise VLM Airlines’ fleet of Fokker 50 aircraft.

Arthur White, CEO of VLM Airlines, says: “The launch of these scheduled routes is a response to demand from the business community. Antwerp, Rotterdam and Hamburg are all major business cities with international reputations, whose seaports each handle hundreds of millions of tonnes annually. These cities are also home to some of the world’s biggest companies and corporations including BASF, Bayer and Royal Dutch Shell.

“The three airports offer many benefits for business travellers, including fast check-in and car parking near the terminal. All three airports are also close to the city centres and have excellent public transport connections.

“These new routes further enhance VLM Airlines’ reputation as a scheduled service provider.”

VLM Airlines

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