Management buys VLM Airlines

CityJet Fokker 50
CityJet Fokker 50 (© O. Pritzkow)

Intro Aviation, majority shareholder of Romscope, has announced together with VLM Airlines that Romscope has sold VLM Airlines (Belgium) to the management of VLM Airlines with formalities of the transaction to be completed by the first week in November. As a truly independent airline VLM Airlines will continue to offer ACMI & Charter services, but will also be offering scheduled services again in the near future.

“We strongly believe in VLM Airlines as a truly independent airline,” commented Arthur White, CEO and majority shareholder of VLM Airlines. “As an independent airline we will keep offering ACMI & Charter services, but we will also start offering scheduled services in the near future. We are already studying a number of possible new routes from Antwerp International Airport. We will communicate this as soon as the deals have been concluded.”

VLM Airlines – which started in 1993 with its inaugural Antwerp-London City Airport route – over the years has become one of the most successful airlines in the charter business based at Antwerp International Airport.In 2008 the airline was acquired by Air France-KLM via irish subsidiary Cityjet and VLM’s fleet was re-liveried in Cityjet colours. In early 2014 AF-KLM sold CityJet and VLM to german INTRO Group who wanted to create a „new european regional airline“ together with their austrian subsidiary InterSky

“We received an offer from the management of VLM Airlines that we felt we could not refuse.” said Peter Oncken, Managing Director at Intro Aviation. “We are happy to see VLM now to develop as a wholly independent airline in the ownership of a management which is dedicated to VLM”.

VLM Airlines is also seeking to add a new aircraft type to its fleet of aging Fokker 50s, for the moment VLM Airlines is evaluating a number of possibilities.


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