UTair Resumes International Flights from Surgut to Lankaran

UTair Boeing 737-500
UTair Boeing 737-500 (© O.Pritzkow)

On July 5, 2015 UTair Aviation will resume flights between Surgut and Lankaran on the Caspian Sea coast of Azerbaijan.

Flights will be performed with comfortable Boeing 737-500 aircraft departing from Surgut International Airport at 15:10 and from Lankaran International Airport at 20:40, all times local. Flight time is 4 hours 30 minutes.

“We continue to develop the geography of flights performed from Surgut, one of the key cities in the UTair network,” said UTair – Passenger Airlines President Oleg Semenov.

“In addition to resuming flights to one of the oldest cities of Azerbaijan, famous for its rich history, Surgut residents and guests also have access to 29 destinations in Russia and abroad through UTair’s broad route network, including resorts of the Black Sea, North Caucasus and Altai, cities of the Central Russia, Sibir and Ural, and CIS countries.”


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