TAP: Pilot’s Union strike – May 1st to May 10th

TAP Portugal Airbus A330-200
TAP Portugal Airbus A330-200 (CC-SA 3.0 A. Beltyukov)

TAP advises its passengers to the difficulties caused by the pilots union strike.

Pilots union strike, scheduled to occur between may 1st and may 10th, will cause difficulties in our regular operation and, for that, we apologize in advance.

Tap is allowing, since the announcement of the strike, our passengers to rebook their reservations to other dates, without any cost, or to cancel and request a travel voucher, to be used within 1 year on TAP flights, in order to mitigate as much as possible the effects of the strike.

Our services have been working intensively to arrange the best possible solutions, in order to minimize the impact of a 10 day strike.

We inform our passengers, beforehand, of the difficulties that our services at the contact center and airports are experiencing in responding promptly. However, we assure our passengers that we are doing everything in our reach to solve the situations that come to our attention.

Relevant information related to our operation will be updated regularly on our usual communication channels.

Minimum service flights and remaining operation

The flights whose operation is ensured by minimum services were already set and the list can be checked at the link below.

TAP requests its passengers to verify if their flights are included in the attached list and to check their bookings here. We also suggest proceeding with the online check-in here if the flights are confirmed. This option is available 72 hours prior to departure, despite some exceptions, depending on the destination.

An average of 296 daily flights is scheduled to operate within the next few days. However, this will depend on the number of pilots that join the strike. Therefore, there is already a list of flights, for the first 3 days, which, almost certainly, will not operate and that may be verified on the link below.

Passengers who are booked on these flights are already being contacted in order to arrange the best possible solution.

TAP Portugal

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