Sabena technics signs a heavy maintenance contract with Air Tahiti Nui

© Sabena technics
© Sabena technics

Under this agreement, Sabena technics will be performing heavy maintenance visits (8C 12Y- checks) on two of the airline’s Airbus A340s. The checks will be carried out in Sabena technics facilities in Bordeaux (France) starting November 2014.

Air Tahiti Nui’s trust in Sabena technics has been also demonstrated earlier this year for the heavy maintenance and painting of one of their Airbus A340 aircraft in February.

“After a request for proposal, Air Tahiti Nui is determined to entrust Sabena technics with the next two C checks of its fleet, keeping in mind the conservation of the high technical level required for this heavy maintenance operation.
Several criteria guided our choice: the performance on the previous C check, the advantages granted as well as the guarantees provided by Sabena technics”, said Gerard Maurin, Vice-President Operation of Air Tahiti Nui.

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