Ryanair announces three additional new Athens routes

Passengers boarding a Ryanair plane
Passengers boarding a Ryanair plane (© European-Aviation.net)

Ryanair added 3 new routes to its Athens Summer 2015 schedule, to/from Budapest, Bratislava & Santorini, which will deliver over 2.2m customers in 2015 at Athens Airport, as Ryanair doubles its Athens traffic.

Ryanair’s extended Athens Summer 2015 schedule will deliver:
1 new based aircraft (4 in total) 6 new routes: Budapest, Bratislava, Santorini (2 x daily), Brussels, Rome & Warsaw 12 Athens routes in total 161 weekly return flights 1.1m new customers (2.2m customers p.a. in total).

Greek customers and visitors can choose from 12 routes from Athens next summer. Ryanair will also continue to connect Athens with Europe’s major business centres, including Brussels (1 x daily), London (2 x daily) and Milan (10 x weekly).

In Athens, Ryanair’s Chief Operating Officer, David O’Brien said: “Ryanair is pleased to announce an additional three new Athens routes to Budapest, Bratislava and Santorini, as part of an extended Summer 2015 schedule, as we add another aircraft to Athens, bringing our investment to over $400m.

With a total of 12 exciting summer routes to choose from, including a double daily service to Santorini, Ryanair will double its Athens traffic to over 2.2m customers this year and sustain over 2,200 jobs. As Greece’s fastest growing airline, we look forward to delivering further jobs, traffic and tourism growth across Greece.

Ryanair, European-Aviation.net

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