PW 4000 Maintenance: New Capability in AFI KLM E&M Portfolio

MRO at AFI KLM E&M (© P. Delapierre)

An AFI KLM E&M joint venture located in Miami, Bonus Aerospace was already approved to handle Pratt & Whitney’s best-selling JT8 jet engines since the 1990s. In March 2013, the American MRO has expanded its service portfolio when it obtained FAA approval to handle the PW4000, another of the Connecticut engine maker’s most popular engines.

The engine in its 94-inch version is now reaching maturity, and is even at the end of its life cycle on many aircraft, among them the Boeing 747, MD11 and the Airbus A300 and A310. „We are concentrating on this model, for which we can now offer a complete maintenance suite that is top quality,“ says Vincent Benoît, CEO of Bonus Aerospace, „but at a low-cost price point thanks to our use of reconditioned materials and parts sourced from our sister company, Bonus Tech, a reputed player on the engine teardown market.“

Bonus Aerospace recommends the use of 95% reconditioned parts to its clients, resulting in a 30% reduction in the purchase cost of parts. That kind of gain is likely to attract large numbers of operators, especially cargo airlines. „We have developed genuine expertise on the „sunset engines“ market,“ says Han Dieke, General Manager of Bonus Aerospace, „with a business model built around this period in the engine life cycle. The supply of spare parts is guaranteed by the rising levels of teardown carried out at Bonus Tech on end-of-life aircraft, while maintenance requirements automatically increase on ageing aircraft.“

The solution developed by Bonus Aerospace thus rests on these two aspects to offer a new, more competitive approach, in cost terms, to PW4000 maintenance. This new-style expertise is now available to operators all over the world following Bonus Aerospace’s integration into the AFI KLM E&M network. As proof of this, the first client is an Istanbul-based Turkish operator that is using AFI KLM E&M services in Miami for improved competitiveness! For this operator the first full overhauled PW4000 is ready for delivery after passing successfully the test on October 3rd 2014.


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