Pobeda inaugurates Moscow – Volgograd

Pobeda Boeing 737-800
Pobeda Boeing 737-800 (© Aeroflot)

Russian Low-cost carrier Pobeda (Victory) – 100% subsidiary of Aeroflot, has performed its first commercial flight on the route Moscow – Volgograd.

Pobeda will provide daily flights on the route Moscow – Volgograd – Moscow from Vnukovo, Terminal A in accordance with the following schedule:

DP 181 leaves Moscow at 10:50 and arrives in Volgograd at 12:40;

DP 182 leaves Volgograd at 13:20 and arrives in Moscow at 15:05.

The plan is to start daily flights from Moscow to Yekaterinburg, Samara, Perm, Belgorod, Tyumen and Surgut in December.

Aeroflot CEO and the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Budzhetny Perevozschik Vitaly Saveliev said: “The name Pobeda (Victory) is directly related to the upcoming anniversary of the Great Victory and symbolizes our common victory inevitable over those difficulties and external challenges faced by our country and our people this year.

Pobeda will operate new and efficient narrow-body aircraft Boeing 737-800NG, which can carry up to 189 passengers. By the end of 2014 the fleet of the airline will consist of 4 aircraft. By 2018 it is planning to increase fleet up to 40 units. It is expected that by this time the company will serve more than 45 routes and carry over 10 mln passengers.

Pobeda is a part of Aeroflot Group and realizes the classic low-cost project. The main goal of the company is to increase the mobility of the population and accessibility of transport between regions of the Russian Federation. The company is focused on the price-sensitive customers.


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