PacAvi delivers first A320 for Freighter Conversion to HAITEC

Airbus A320
Airbus A320 (© Airbus)

PacAvi Group announced that it has delivered to HAITEC Aircraft Maintenance GmbH its prototype Airbus A320 (MSN 293) for conversion from passenger to freighter (P2F) configuration, in order to finalize regulatory approval by the FAA, EASA, and other governmental authorities. Initial work has commenced on the prototype, which will be fully converted P2F on an aggressive schedule.

PacAvi Group CEO Dr. Stephan Hollmann commented: “We view HAITEC not only as a great partner in our global network of MRO (maintenance, repair and overhaul) and engineering companies, but also as a perfect location for conversion of our A320 prototype to a freighter, since we have a significant engineering and design staff in Germany. We expect final approval of the Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) by FAA and EASA in 2016. From then on, our plan is to grow fast. There are 50-60 narrowbody freighters of A320 and A321 size produced annually and we are well positioned to dominate this market in the coming years. We expect HAITEC to account for about a dozen commercial conversions a year.”

HAITEC CEO Frank Rott added: “The Airbus A320 passenger-to-freighter conversion program is an ideal addition to our value-added range of services, as we continue to expand our facilities and capabilities. We will be opening a new 12,000-sqm hangar with Airbus A380 capacity in 2016, in addition to our Erfurt hangar dedicated to our VIP customers that opened last fall. It is exciting to be producing the first narrowbody Airbus freighters. These A320 freighters represent technologically highly advanced products, which will hit the marketplace just when demand is at a peak.”

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