Mitsubishi MRJ: fatigue test aircraft starts final assembly

Mitsubishi MRJ final assembly line (© Mitsubishi Aircraft)
Mitsubishi MRJ final assembly line (© Mitsubishi Aircraft)

The last of all seven test aircraft, including five flight test aircraft started final assembly, when the rear section of the aft fuselage of the fatigue test aircraft was brought into the final assembly line on June 30.

There are two types of test aircraft to validate the strength of airframe structure. One is for static strength test, while the other one is for fatigue test. The static strength test ing has been continuously carried out since last year to confirm and verify strength, during which the maximum load that the aircraft is expected to experience while flying is applied on the ground to the static test aircraft.

Fatigue strength tests, on the other hand, confirm and verify durability by simulating the repeated stress the airframe is
expected to undergo when in operation. MRJ fatigue strength testing will be conducted on the assumption that the Mitsubishi MRJ will make 80,000 flights over a period of more than 27 years, or eight flights per day for 10,000 days.

Mitsubishi MRJ during a low-speed taxiing test (© Mitsubishi)
Mitsubishi MRJ during a low-speed taxiing test (© Mitsubishi)

Construction status of MRJ manufacturing facility (New Komaki South Plant)

Progress at the MRJ manufacturing factory in Komaki Minami (New Komaki South Plant), on which construction began in January, is advancing at a rapid clip with the assembly of the steel building frame. Progress is visible every day as cranes lift the building materials into place. It is at this plant, still under construction, that aircraft will be fitted with various system parts followed by final assembly. Aircraft for customers will all be manufactured in and delivered from this new plant.


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