Lufthansa Technik presents a flying dishwasher

Dishwashair - a flying dishwasher by Lufthansa Technik
Dishwashair – a flying dishwasher invented by Lufthansa Technik

„Dishwashair“: Instead of taking along mountains of heavy dishes and silverware on long-haul flights, why not just wash smaller amounts now and then? Under the guidance of engineers from Lufthansa Technik AG, the company „hs2 engineering“ has developed a dishwasher specially designed for use on board passenger aircraft. The professional-quality unit featuring complex safety mechanisms is in series production and can wash a load of dishes in only six minutes with three liters of water. The unit can be installed and connected in standard aircraft galleys.

Closed system: Baskets that fit in any standardized galley can be used for placement of dishes and silverware in the „dishwashair“,
which can easily be attached to the available connections for fresh and waste water or vacuum systems in an aircraft. A single fill-up of the two required cleaning agents is enough for up to 40 wash cycles.

„Long-haul aircraft in particular take along lots of dishware, amounts that can be reduced considerably with clever logistics,“ says
Oliver Thomaschewski, Head of „Seating and Structures“ in the Original Equipment Innovation product division at Lufthansa Technik. „No normal household would keep a separate set of dishes for every meal. Now our „Dishwashair“ makes it possible, even in an aircraft, to bring along only the amounts actually needed to provide service.“

Some of Lufthansa Technik’s VIP customers have already decided to have the „Dishwashair“ installed. Now talks on possible applications in airline fleets are to take place at the Aircraft Interiors Expo in Hamburg.

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