Lufthansa Technik introduces modular Fly Away Kit for VVIP and Special Missions

Fly Away Kit
Fly Away Kit (© Lufthansa Technik)

Lufthansa Technik is introducing a new product, the Fly Away Kit, to the VVIP and Special Mission market. The Fly Away Kit is integrated in a modified LD9 Unit Load Device (ULD) and ensures the availability of important spare parts for aircraft operations by stowing them right on board.

For example, wheels, a mobile aircraft jack, essential spare parts or oil can be stored. Easily accessible in the aircraft’s cargo bay, technicians have the equipment, where it is needed. Based on the shadow-board principle like a toolbox, the VIP style Fly Away Kit is clearly organized.

Designed by Lufthansa Technik’s VIP & Executive Jet Solutions division the new product has already been ordered by a VVIP customer operating an Airbus 340 in Head of state configuration.

Walter Heerdt, Luftansa Technik’s Senior Vice President VIP & Executive Jet Solutions, said: „This new product gives our customers the independence to go to any remote airfield with a good feeling having the essential spares on-board. Especially in combination with our Mobile Aircraft Support teams or on-board technicians we can maximize the dispatched reliability for VIP operations.“

Building on Lufthansa Technik’s unique component support experience, the Fly Away Kit can be tailored for each customer’s specific needs, operation and mission. For example, the new Patient Transport Unit Next Generation (PTU NG) can be safely stowed in the ULD along with other emergency medical equipment. Special mission operators get the flexibility to store all the required equipment in this customizable standard container.

The modular concept of the on-board stowage solution allows individual stowages for every need and container type independent of wide- or narrowbody aircrafts. The size of a standard LD9 container is 1.6 m high, 3.2 m wide and 2.2 m deep.


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