Lufthansa introduces new fare options in Economy Class

Lufthansa Airbus A320 with Sharklets (© O. Pritzkow)
Lufthansa Airbus A320 with Sharklets (© O. Pritzkow)

At the ITB Berlin Lufthansa has announced three different fare options in Economy Class. The new pricing concept for German and European routes is also more closely tailored to the individual needs of passengers, the carrier told. It will still be possible for customers to book a flight in Business Class, but in future, they will have more options.

And in Economy Class, passengers will always be able to choose from three different fare options. This means that they will be able to decide for themselves which services they would like to use and pay for. The three new fare options – Light, Classic and Flex – will be introduced in Economy Class for flights within Europe from autumn 2015. Tickets will be available for purchase from the summer.

The new Light fare will be the best-value option for passengers who are only travelling with hand baggage and who do not wish to check in any luggage, nor make use of any of the rebooking and refund options.

The Classic fare allows passengers to take one piece of luggage free of charge, as well as giving them the opportunity to reserve their preferred seat as soon as they make their booking. If necessary, the Classic fare can be rebooked for a fee.

The Flex fare offers the most attractive overall package with many services included, as well as the possibility to rebook at no charge and, if necessary, to obtain a refund for a fee. In addition, travelers who have booked the Flex fare will be able to take an earlier flight on the day of their booking in future, without being required to pay a surcharge for what may be a more expensive booking category.

Finally, Business Class will still be available to business and leisure travelers on all flights and will include the familiar benefits, such as lounge access, a greater free baggage allowance, an unoccupied neighboring seat for more privacy and extra air miles. The three new Economy Class fares, which will always be available, will have their services and features displayed clearly and transparently for travel agencies and passengers, making it quicker and easier to compare fares at a glance. It will also be possible to combine the different fare options when booking outward and return flights.

All Lufthansa passengers will still receive a free drink and snack service on board with all fare options. They will also be able to take hand luggage on board, select their seat when checking in less than 23 hours before departure and earn miles with Miles & More, as these will remain set features of a Lufthansa flight with no extra charge. As is already the case, ticket prices will depend on the route and the level of availability, and the differences between them will be even more pronounced as a result of the new fare options outlined. Details of the new fare options for Economy Class on German and European flights will be outlined when tickets go on sale in the summer.


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