Lufthansa faces new pilot strike

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The pilots of german flag carrier Lufthansa could go on strike again. The pilot union „Vereinigung Cockpit“ (VC) told that talks with the management of Lufthansa has failed. Both sides tried to reach an agreement over the early retirement scheme.

The union will inform the public in advance before any action would start. At the same time the traindraiver of „Deutsche Bahn“ could go on strike too. But both unions want to coordinate their strike actions to minimize impacts on the travelling public.

In April a three-day-strike by the pilots costs Lufthansa around €45 millions. Additionally Lufthansa was affected by strikes by airport staff.

VC President Ilja Schulz is keen to stress:  „Although our employer has terminated the contracts governing our benefits at Lufthansa and set out their demands, we have shown a readiness to compromise.  In order to find solutions through negotiation, there must be a willingness on both sides to do so.  We will continue to defend ourselves against these planned sweeping cuts.“

In a ballot in March this year, the pilots of Lufthansa, Lufthansa Cargo and Germanwings sent a clear signal. With a majority of 99.1%, they voted to establish a new contract regulating their transition to retirement, if necessary by use of industrial action.  It should remain possible for pilots, who have been exposed for decades to the rigours of aviation, to choose the point at which they leave their profession.

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