LHT presents e-configuration tools for pre-customized cabin designs

E-Configuration Tool
E-Configuration Tool (© Lufthansa Technik)

To support sales activities and customer talks for pre-customized and modular VIP cabins, Lufthansa Technik’s „Creative Design“ department has developed electronic cabin configuraton tools for both, the joint Lufthansa Technik and Airbus ACJ Elite program and Lufthansa Technik’s Leadership Select program.

The configurator tools can be used on different electronic devices and both show interactive 3D views of the interiors. They offer the possibility to demonstrate the large variety of cabin configurations in the two programs and to adapt the cabin layout quickly to individual customer needs.

Leadership Select, the new platform-adaptable modular concept for the Airbus ACJ319 and Boeing BBJ2 aircraft, is mission optimized with regards to cabin interior weight, seating comfort, sufficient stowage volume and the integration of client oriented features for maximum comfort and usability, like a king size bed, vanity table, master bathroom with full size shower and a private office.

Leadership Select allows the customer to combine a multitude of different cabin elements to create an almost completely individualized cabin layout. Operators of the ACJ319, for example, can choose from among 96 variations, and there are even 720 combinations available for the longer BBJ2 and other comparable aircraft.

E-Configuration Tool on an iPad
E-Configuration Tool on an iPad (© LHT)

Lufthansa Technik

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