Jet Aviation Basel to complete two 777-300 as Business Jets

BBJ 777-300ER (© Boeing)
BBJ 777-300ER (© Boeing)

Jet Aviation Basel has been selected by Boeing Business Jets (BBJ) to complete the interiors of two Boeing 777-300ER aircraft on behalf of an undisclosed client in Asia. The project will be completed in Q3 2018.

Following an intense and competitive bidding process that Boeing Business Jets undertook to achieve its customers’ detailed requirements, the Jet Aviation Basel Completions Center was recently awarded a Completions contract for two Boeing B777-300ER aircraft. The project is slated for immediate commencement.

“We have invested heavily in process and product improvements for popular wide-body platforms such as the B777 in order to bring VIP interiors to the next level of quality and precision,” said Matthew Woollaston, director, Market Development & Completions Sales, Jet Aviation Basel.

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