CAL Cargo initiates weekly flights to Larnaca

Cargo Air Lines Boeing 747-400F
Cargo Air Lines Boeing 747-400F (CC BY-SA 4.0 H. Faverman)

CAL Cargo Airlines announced that it has initiated two independent weekly cargo flights to Larnaca (LCA), effectively replacing the cargo division of Cyprus Airways.

For the past four years, CAL has serviced the Cyprus market as an arm of Cyprus Airways. However, Cyprus Airways recent announcement of voluntary liquidation and end of operation provided CAL with a unique opportunity to service the market autonomously.

The new schedule is fully operational, and CAL has already run two flights with its 747-400 F aircraft from LGG to LCA and continuing to TLV. With the support of CALs GSA network in Cyprus and Greece, the change was managed seamlessly for the benefit of the Cyprus market. Customers were unaffected and continued to receive service at the level they expect.

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