Brussels Airlines Cargo chooses new strategic direction

Brussels Airlines on the apron at Brussels
Brussels Airlines on the apron at Brussels (© O. Pritzkow)

Brussels Airlines has developed an ambitious strategic plan to further grow its Cargo business. To that end, the airline will work with Air Logistics Group (ALG) as its General Sales and Service Agent for Brussels Airlines Cargo. The collaboration marks a new era in which Brussels Airlines wishes to get even closer to the customer, also now in its freight activity.

Brussels Airlines Cargo has in recent years become an increasingly important activity within the airline. From its home base Brussels Airport, Brussels Airlines transported over 41,000 tons of cargo in 2014 between Europe and Africa, between Europe and the United States and within Europe. Thanks to a close cooperation with other partner airlines the entire world is connected to the Brussels Airlines destinations.

Freight volumes have been increasing year over year: in the last 5 years Brussels Airlines Cargo has seen double digit growth as it has added additional capacity. In 2014, cargo traffic increased by 34 percent on North Atlantic routes and a revenue growth of 8 percent was achieved on African routes.

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