Transaero presents new colour scheme

Transaero Boeing 737-800 (© Boeing)
Transaero Boeing 737-800 (© Boeing)

On May 22, 2015, a new Boeing 737-800 aircraft joined Transaero Airlines’ fleet. The aircraft arrived from the aircraft manufacturer. It was delivered to the airline in accordance with the operating leasing agreement concluded in 2013 with Sberbank Leasing.

This is Transaero’s first narrow-body aircraft, which provides not only for the access to high speed broadband Internet onboard, but also mobile communications (this service used to be only provided on the airline’s widebody aircraft earlier). These services have become available due to the installation of the latest Panasonic GCS satellite system. All seats have power outlets and USB-ports for charging portable electronic devices. The aircraft features a Sky Interior cabin.

Transaero has received the aircraft within the implementation of its aircraft fleet renewal plan.The airline successfully operates the fuel efficient Boeing 737NG aircraft on the most demanded medium-haul domestic and international routes. It is planned that the aircraft will start operations next week after all the necessary formal procedures will be completed. The aircraft will be configured with two classes – business and economy.

The Boeing 737-800 is the first aircraft, which appears in Transaero’s renewed corporate identity. The airline plans to use this style for all the new aircraft joining the airline’s fleet. This will be the first step in enhancing Transaero’s corporate identity that has remained unchanged for more than two decades and has received wide recognition both in Russia and abroad following the active development of Transaero Airlines and strengthening of its position in the international transportation market.

The decision on the visual brand renewal was made in the end of 2013 and was stipulated by expected start of new aircraft deliveries in 2015 in accordance with the signed contracts.

It was initially planned to start the implementation of the airline’s renewed brand in the fourth quarter of 2014. However, in terms of the changed economic situation the airline reviewed its plans. It cancelled the marketing campaign and other integration activities. It was decided that the implementation will be carried out gradually and will be connected with deliveries of new aircraft, thus avoiding additional costs, as in this case, painting is an integral part of the production process.


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