Airbus establishes flight operations documentation centre in Bangkok

Airbus A380 cockpit
Airbus A380 cockpit (© Airbus, H. Goussee)

Airbus has established a new subsidiary in Thailand for the production of flight operations data for use by airlines worldwide. The centre, to be named Airbus Flight Operations Services, will produce electronic versions of the standard flight operations manuals, improving the growing use of the Electronic Flight Bag for all Airbus aircraft types. The centre will offer several additional services, such as data customisation services for individual airlines where required.

Airbus Flight Operations Services will begin operations in Thailand early in 2015 and will initially employ some 30 people, almost all of whom will be recruited locally. The team is expected to grow further and will comprise skilled professionals with proven experience in airline flight operations data management.

Benoît de Montety, Managing Director of Airbus Flight Operations Services in Thailand, said that the new centre will complement expertise at Airbus headquarters, meeting demand for the ever-growing Airbus fleets around the world.

“As a global company, Airbus seeks to draw on skilled talent from around the world, especially in the services sector,“ he said. “As a key market for Airbus, South East Asia offers many opportunities for us to develop our presence, with professional and highly motivated workforces keen to develop their footprint in the aviation sector.”

Airbus Flight Operations Services in Thailand is the latest initiative to be announced by Airbus in South East Asia in recent months. These include the establishment of a new Customer Service Engineering Centre and expanded MRO facility in Malaysia, launch of a new flight training joint venture with Singapore Airlines in Singapore and a flight training service agreement with Angkasa Aviation Academy in Indonesia.

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