Airbus develops A321neoLR as 757-200W replacement

Airbus A321neo
Airbus A321neo (© Airbus)

European manufacturer Airbus is working on a new version of the A321neo. The new aircraft will have three auxiliary fuel tanks for 97nm more range and a highter gross weight of 97 tonnes reports.

This may be a perfect aircraft to replace older Boeing 757-200W (winglets). There are around 100 757-200W in service worldwide. Typically they are flying on long-range transatlantic routes with around 169 seats. The A321neoLR will have 164 seats with 20 lie-flat seats in business class. Additionally there are 700-800 Boeing 757-200 in service.

The A321neoLR will have a range of 3,900nm and about 27% lower trip costs and 24% lower per seat costs than the 757.

Airbus targets the North America – Europe, North America – South America, Europe – Africa and South East Asia – Australia markets.

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