Air France pilots start one week strike

AirFrance Airbus A320-200
AirFrance Airbus A320-200 (© Air France)

Air France has to scrap more than a half of its scheduled flights on monday as pilots began a week-long strike against plans to develop low-cost brand Transavia. Air France expects to operate 40% of its flights on Tuesday 16 September 2014, given an estimated 60% of pilots planning to strike.

If the strike action continues beyond 16 September, the flight schedule will be adjusted accordingly. Customers will be informed of the potential impact the day before departure Air France said. The french carrier once again recommends its customers with a flight reservation between 15 and 22 September to postpone their trip or change their ticket at no extra cost. Air France said a strike could result in losses of 10 to 15 million euros a day

Unions says new Transavia pilots should come with the same pay and benefits as those afforded to Air France pilots. Last week Air France unveils new strategic plan „Perform 2020“. As a part a new Transavia will operate a fleet of 100 aircraft in 2017 and carrying more than 20 million passengers.

The company faces tough competition from budget airlines for short-haul flights. That’s why it will transfer much of its European operations to low-cost carrier Transavia.

Rival Lufthansa Group accelerated their Lowcost brand Germanwings to fight against carriers like Ryanair, Easyjet, Norwegian, Vueling and Wizz Air.

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