Air France and Air Austral sign a code share agreement

Air Austral Boeing 777-200ER
Air Austral Boeing 777-200ER (GNU 1.2 A. Zhao)

Air France and Air Austral have signed a codeshare agreement to facilitate travel for customers between Europe and the Indian Ocean and vice versa, beyond Paris-Charles de Gaulle and St. Denis de la Reunion. This partnership is in addition to the previous Interline agreement signed in April 2014 between Air France and Air Austral and now offers a wider choice of destinations in the Indian Ocean and Europe.

In this way, as from 15 December 2014, Air France will offer customers two new destinations in the Indian Ocean via Saint Denis de la Reunion on flights operated on a codeshare basis with Air Austral: Dzaoudzi (Mayotte) and Moroni* (Comoros).

Air Austral will offer customers 40 European destinations via Paris-Charles de Gaulle on codeshare flights operated by Air France. Other destinations in Europe and the Indian Ocean should be added in the coming months, subject to approval by the relevant authorities.

On these codeshare routes, customers will benefit from a single fare and a single ticket throughout their journey. They can also check in with their baggage from their departure airport to their final destination.

In addition, members of the Flying Blue loyalty programs for Air France and Capricorne for Air Austral will now have the opportunity to earn miles or points on all codeshare flights.

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