VistaJet growing in-service fleet size to 45 aircraft by end of year

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Global business aviation company VistaJet is adding US $320 million worth of new aircraft to its fleet as part of its on going worldwide expansion strategy. This represents the largest number of wide-body business jets to be delivered by Bombardier to a single customer within a 30-day period the company told.

The eight new jets include three Bombardier Global aircraft valued at US $174 million, as well as three Challenger 605 jets valued at US $93 million, and 2 Challenger 350 jets valued at US $53 million. This is in addition to five Global aircraft added in the first half of the year.

VistaJet plans to take delivery of a further 12 jets including three Global 6000*, four Challenger 350 and five Challenger 605 aircraft at a total value of US $447.5 million, by the end of the fourth quarter.

VistaJet recent order history

November 2012 – VistaJet placed the largest single transaction in the history of business aviation, firm orders for 56 new Bombardier Global aircraft with further options for an additional 86. Total value of approximately US $7.2 billion.

June 2013 – VistaJet placed a firm order for 20 Challenger 350 aircraft with further options for an additional 20. Total value of approximately US $1.7 billion.

January 2014 – VistaJet commitment to lease 10 new Challenger 605 jets with International Aircraft Leasing and Trading (IALT) as part of its Challenger fleet renewal program.

About VistaJet
VistaJet owns and operates the largest privately owned Bombardier business aircraft fleet – over 41 aircraft – the majority of which are large cabin, long-range Global and Challenger jets. Renowned for its consistency around the globe and as the only provider to offer an identical exterior livery and cabin design throughout its fleet, VistaJet’s global strategy of connecting its customers to every corner of the world with point-to-point coverage has made it the clear market leader with unparalleled experience flying in to, and out of, the hardest-to-reach destinations

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