VietJetAir orders additional Airbus A321s

VietJetAir Airbus A321 (© Airbus/C. Brinkmann)
VietJetAir Airbus A321 (© Airbus/C. Brinkmann)

Vietnamese carrier VietJetAir has placed a firm order with Airbus for the purchase of six additional A321s. The order was signed today at the  Paris Air Show by VietJetAir President and CEO, Madam Nguyen Thi Phuong Thao, and Airbus President and CEO, Fabrice Brégier.

“The A320 Family has proven to be extremely efficient in service with VietJetAir”, said Madam Nguyen Thi Phuong Thao, VietJetAir President and CEO. “Since we took delivery of our first A321 in March this year we have benefitted strongly from the additional capacity offered by the aircraft and its low operating costs. We are therefore placing this additional order for the A321 to meet demand on some of our most popular routes.”

VietJetAir first took to the skies at the end of 2011 and now operates a fleet of 25 A320 Family aircraft on a network covering Vietnam and a growing number of destinations across Asia. Following today’s announcement, the carrier has ordered a total of 69 aircraft from Airbus, including this order, and also holds purchase rights for another 30 aircraft.


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