SWISS allows full use of the mobile phone immediately after landing

Swiss Airbus A320
Swiss Airbus A320

SWISS is to further extend its provisions for using portable electronic devices on board. From 1 December onwards passengers will be permitted to use all the functions of their mobile phone immediately after landing, while their flight is taxiing to its arrival gate.

SWISS has decided to further modify its safety provisions regarding the use of portable electronic devices (PEDs) on board. The new provisions have been prompted by a change to the corresponding regulations issued by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) on 26 September.

Under the new SWISS provisions, which come into effect on 1 December, passengers on SWISS flights will be able to use all the functions on their PEDs as soon as the aircraft has landed and is taxiing to its arrival gate. The sole exception here is for laptops and notebooks: these must remain safely stowed – as they will have been for the landing – until arrival at the gate.

The latest modifications follow a previous easing of such PED provisions earlier this year: since 1 May, SWISS passengers have been permitted to use their PEDs in “airplane” mode throughout the flight, from takeoff to landing. Full details of the new further-expanded provisions for the use of such devices on board will be found in the December issue of the inflight SWISS Magazine.

These latest provisions relate solely to the use of portable electronic devices, and do not extend to the possibility of making phone calls or using the Internet on board either before or during the flight.

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