Small Planet Airlines enters Germany

Small Planet Airlines Airbus A320
Small Planet Airlines Airbus A320 (© M. Visser CC-BY 2.0)

Small Planet Airlines expands to Germany with the incorporation of Small Planet Airlines GmbH. The company’s office base is Berlin.

Small Planet Airlines has begun offering its services to the German market with agreements already signed with some well-known German tour operators.

“Germany is a strategic step that we have been considering for quite some time. Now that we have found the right partners with local expertise we are ready to make this move.” – said Mr. Vytautas Kaikaris, Small Planet Airlines CEO.

The intention is to establish a German air operators’ certificate (“AOC”) and to operate flights under the German registration, basing aircraft at both main and regional airports across Germany. The management of the business will be in the hands of Mr. Andreas Wobig and Mr. Oliver Pawel who were previously with Germania.

“Small Planet Airlines has proved to Oliver and myself that they are a modern, well-managed and a very promising company. We will take advantage of Small Planet Airlines’s low cost infrastructure by offering an attractive price for a quality product. We are convinced to open doors for new opportunities in Europe and to bring Small Planet Airlines to new heights of the business they know so well, “– said Mr. Andreas Wobig, CEO of the German business.

Small Planet Airlines

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