RUAG and Airbus strengthen partnership

RUAG headquarters in Emmen
RUAG headquarters in Emmen (© RUAG)

RUAG, a global supplier and integrator of Aerostructure components and Airbus, a world’s leading commercial aircraft manufacturer,  have decided to further strengthen their partnership. The two companies signed a multi-year contract which has a volume of roughly USD 350 Mio.

With the new contract, Airbus delegates the full supply chain responsibility for two of the fuselage sections entirely to RUAG. The additional contract is valid for Airbus’ successful A320 programme with a volume of roughly USD 350 Mio. RUAG looks back to over 30 years of experience in the assembly of several fuselage sections in Oberpfaffenhofen (Germany) as well as the production of winglets for the A320 programme in Emmen (Switzerland).

The new work scope allows RUAG to strengthen and optimize the global supply chain  to the advantage of Airbus. Urs Breitmeier, CEO of RUAG points out: “Our strategy to invest in the global supply chain along the needs of our customer Airbus creates a win-win-situation for both partners: Airbus having the most valuable global sourcing assembled at high quality in Germany and RUAG strengthening the position as a leading first-tier supplier in Aerostructures.”

RUAG is an international technology group for aerospace and defence. Its head office is in Bern, Switzerland. RUAG’s production facilities are located in Switzerland, Germany, Sweden, France, Austria, Hungary, Australia and the USA. RUAG employees about 8200 staff worldwide, including 414 trainees in 23 different professions.

Source: RUAG

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