Primera Air starts flights to the US

Primera Boeing 737-700
Primera Boeing 737-700 (CC 2.0 S. Wright)

Primera Air announces that the airline has acquired full rights to fly to and from the United States of America.

The inaugural flight will be operated Sunday the 16th of November from Reykjavik (Keflavik International) to New York JFK Airport. On its maiden voyage to the US Primera Air will carry passengers from Solresor of Sweden who have set out on a 16 day exclusive air cruise – from Stockholm to Iceland on to New York, Costa Rica, Jamaica, Miami, Azores and finally back to Sweden.

According to Hrafn Thorgeirsson, CEO of Primera Air, the US Rights are an important milestone for the Company, but stresses that the airline has no definite plans to utilize the US-rights on a large scale in immediate future.

„However, it must be pointed out that the rights do open up new channels and definitely means that we can offer a more varied program. It will enable us to work in bigger markets in the future as the US is the second biggest international tourist destination in the world with over 70 million passengers arriving each year“.

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