Norwegian: Pilot Strike continues

Norwegian Boeing 737-300WL (© O. Pritzkow)
Norwegian Boeing 737-300WL (© O. Pritzkow)

Norwegian informs that nearly 25,000 passengers will be affected by the pilot strike in Norwegian Air Norway (NAN) on Monday. Almost all domestic flights in Norway and Sweden will be cancelled due to the strike, while a few domestic routes in Denmark will be operated. Most flights between the Scandinavian capitals will also be cancelled. Long-haul flights to the US and Thailand will not be affected by the pilot strike. Norwegian will do everything possible to ensure that flights between other parts of Europe will operate normal.

Norwegian has during mediation presented an offer that will give the Scandinavian pilots job security, a job guarantee for three years, keep their salaries and, not least, have a connection with the mother company. It is therefore extremely disappointing that it was not possible to reach an agreement with Norwegian Pilot Union and Parat at the state mediator’s office. This means that sadly, the strike will continue.

This is what the pilots in Norwegian Air Norway (NAN) have been offered:

– A guarantee of employment for three years for all pilots in Scandinavia (i.e. a guarantee against downsizing in the pilot companies)

– Group seniority for all B737 pilots (short haul)

– Solid career opportunities, also on the long-haul flights (B787)

– Unchanged salaries (average salary for a captain, approx. 1.1 million NOK per year before insurance and pensions, first officers approx. 740,000 NOK per year before insurance and pensions)

– A minimum of 184 days off per year (almost the same as today)

– Pension: The highest rate on contributory pension (innskuddspensjon), including benefit pension scheme (ytelsespensjon) for those who have ten years or less left until retirement

– A Loss of License insurance of 40G; a tax-free payment of approximately 3.5 million NOK

– Joint negotiation for the Norwegian, Swedish and Danish pilots

Norwegian lost 1.6 billion NOK in 2014. The company has since October 2014 been in discussions with NPU and Parat to jointly identify cost savings and efficiency, without success.


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