New Livingston ceased operations

Livingston Airbus A320
Livingston Airbus A320 (© O. Pritzkow)

After three years of activity italian charter airline New Livingston suspends from today its flight operations.

The privately held air carrier that operates domestic and international flights, is obliged to suspend flight operations due to the collapse of tourism, especially in the holiday segment to Egypt and the Mediterranean basin, which has undergone a collapse after the Arab Spring and the consequent instability of the area, and the drastic reduction of demand for routes to Russia because of ongoing political crisis.

A sharp drop in revenues is attributable also to some unpaid claims such as those of the Airport of Rimini, on which the property had pointed to the revival and towards which still boasts a major credit per ticket sold, the amounts which do not were never transferred to the airline, Livingston told.

Livingston operated three Airbus A320. All returned to their lessors.


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