NBAA: Dassault introduces new Falcon Airborne Service

Dassault Falcon Airborne Service
Dassault Falcon Airborne Support (© Dassault)

Dassault Aviation introduced a new airborne response service that provides not only rapid AOG support but also alternative transportation options for passengers.

“We already use charter and company aircraft to expedite AOG solutions, but with our new service we are taking airborne support to the next level,” said Eric Trappier, Dassault Aviation Chairman/CEO. “Our large cabin, long-range Falcon 900s will play an important role in making sure our Customers get to their next destination as quickly and efficiently as possible.”

The service, part of a major reinforcement of Dassault’s customer support portfolio, will involve two Falcon 900 aircraft, one based at Teterboro airport in New Jersey and another at Le Bourget outside of Paris.

The Teterboro 900 will serve North America, Central America and parts of South America. The Le Bourget-based aircraft will serve Europe, Russia, North Africa and the Middle East.

Each will be able to carry Dassault GoTeams and the necessary parts and tools to put an AOG aircraft back into service and provide alternative lift for passengers if needed.

“Our belief is that, if an AOG occurs, the impact to passengers should be minimal and, they should be supported entirely throughout all phases of the event,” said Trappier.

Dassault Aviation

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