Lufthansa could base its new longhaul LCC at Cologne Airport

Cologne Bonn Airport (© CGN)
Cologne Bonn Airport (© CGN)

Lufthansa is in talks with Cologne/Bonn Airport concerning the possible use of the airport as a base for its planned new long haul budget subsidiary. CEO Michael Garvens said: „We are negotiating with Lufthansa on the possible basing of their scheduled long-haul, low-cost subsidiary at Cologne/Bonn Airport.“

Beginning in autumn 2015, Lufthansa intends to use a fleet of either Boeing 767s or Airbus A330s for its long haul budget carrier which is possibly named „Worldwings“. But there are also rumors about operations will start with old Lufthansa A340 or Austrian Airlines Boeing 777-200.

The new longhaul carrier has to wrestle back market share lost to Emirates, Etihad and Qatar Airways. Initial destinations will likely include Far East and the East Coast of the United States.

Germany’s RP online claims other airports that have been considered include Dusseldorf airport though talks there have stalled over costly landing fees. Talks with Munich airport also tapered off after further consideration revealed that alongside high landing fees, various operating restrictions such as slot allocations and a night-time curfew would also impact the budget carrier’s operations.

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