Lufthansa and the spirit of Oktoberfest

Lufthansa crew in traditional Bavarian dresses
Lufthansa crew in traditional Bavarian dresses (© Lufthansa)

Lufthansa will again be celebrating the Oktoberfest in traditional Bavarian dress. Not only will Lufthansa’s Munich-based flight attendants and passenger service staff be wearing the outfits; this year, for the very first time, a CityLine crew will also be sporting Bavarian dirndls and lederhosen.

This year marks the ninth time that Lufthansa is continuing a legendary tradition with its flights featuring crew members wearing traditional Bavarian costume. The Munich crew will take off shortly before the start of what the Bavarians refer to as their „fifth season.“ This time, the twelve women and two men will be heading for destinations in Asia and the Americas. On September 15, they travel to Beijing, on September 24 to San Paulo, and on October 4 to Mexico City.

Since 2012, the crew has been wearing traditional outfits supplied by the Munich fashion house Angermaier Trachten. The female cabin crew’s Oktoberfest dirndls are yellow and blue. Male cabin crew is also going traditional by wearing lederhosen, a Bavarian jacket (janker) and a waistcoat.

For the first time, the sight of the traditional outfits will not be restricted to long-haul flights. This year, Lufthansa’s CityLine will also celebrate the spirit of Oktoberfest on its European flights. The dirndls for the CityLine crew were designed by Munich fashion house LODEN-FREY München am Dom, which previously supplied traditional costumes to Lufthansa from 2009 to 2011.

In 2009, LODEN-FREY München am Dom designed the white, blue and yellow outfits used for the next three years. Bavarian specialties were served in all classes – with First Class passengers also receiving pretzels, weisswurst and Oktoberfest beer.

In 2006, Lufthansa resumed its flights featuring crew wearing traditional Bavarian dress, which had become the stuff of legend. From 2006 to 2008, the blue and white dirndls were supplied by Gwandhaus Gössel.

It is now more than 50 years since Lufthansa flight attendants first exchanged their uniforms for traditional outfits. In 1957, the airline announced: „To celebrate the Munich Oktoberfest, Lufthansa stewardesses in genuine dirndls will travel on the Super Constellation from New York to Hamburg between September 17 and October 2 and on Lufthansa Convair flights from London to Munich between September 21 and October 5.“ On those routes, blonde flight attendants wore pale blue dirndls while their dark-haired colleagues were dressed in pink. After a gap, the tradition of Lufthansa flights with crew wearing traditional Bavarian outfits was resumed in 2006.


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