LOT Polish Airlines spreads its Wings

LOT Boeing 787 (© Boeing)
LOT Boeing 787 (© Boeing)

Bangkok, Seoul and Tokyo – these are three new destinations on LOT’s connections map – flights to these cities will commence already in 2016. Apart from them LOT will also launch more than dozen European connections, thus expanding its hub and providing convenient transfer flights to passengers from such cities as Ljubljana, Zurich, Cluj-Napoca and Nice. And that is not the end of new connections – LOT will announce more in a few months!

Long–hauls are the most important part of LOT’s strategy. The first to be launched will be Tokyo – it will also be the first direct connection from Poland and New Europe to Japan. The first flight is scheduled for 13th of January. The next connections – to Bangkok and Seoul – will start in autumn 2016.

“Opening new long-haul destinations is a condition for our development, which is why we launch them as quickly as possible. Even now, connections operated by Dreamliner are the most profitable part of the business. LOT is the only airline that offers on a larger scale convenient, regular flights from Poland and New Europe to New York, Chicago, Toronto and Beijing. Four current connections will be supplemented with three more and we do not exclude the next two to be launched in autumn. This means that after opening five new destinations next year, LOT will more than double its network of long-haul connections compared to the present one. We wish our hub to develop along with us. Opening more than dozen European connections guarantees even more convenient transfers for new groups of passengers from Poland and the whole region. But the new connections are not everything yet. Next year we plan to enhance our presence in those destinations, where we already operate. This means, for example, an increased frequency of flights to Chicago and New York in the winter season.” – says Sebastian Mikosz, CEO of LOT Polish Airlines.

Starting from 2016, in addition to the new long-haul flights, LOT will begin to fly to 3 new destinations in Europe: Venice, Cluj – Napoca (from January) and Ljubljana (from March). LOT will also return to routes that it had to suspend due to the Restructuring Plan. Thus, as early as next year, our passengers will be able to fly directly to Barcelona (from January) and to Athens, Nice, Zurich and Beirut (from March). From January 2016 flights to Belgrade, Dusseldorf, Yerevan, Chisinau, Zagreb and Gdansk – Cracow will be restored. These are the connections which were suspended since July this year, as part of the final pool of compensatory measures required by the European Commission.

LOT is able to operate an entire first phase of its network development using only their existing aircrafts.


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