LOT to move to The Queen’s Terminal

London-Heathrow T2
London-Heathrow T2 (© LOT)

LOT has started operations in the most modern area of London-Heathrow, the T2 Terminal, also known as the Queen’s Terminal.

The new terminal offers the unprecedented comfort to Heathrow’s passengers. All LOT Economy, Economy Plus and Business passengers can use 66 automatic check-in kiosks and baggage desks, and then proceed to one of 27 security check points. All that significantly reduces the check-in time and one can reach the departure area within just several minutes. And there are 33 shops and 17 restaurants available to suit every taste. The terminal offers also the unique “Personal Shopper” service. Just take a seat comfortably at the designated place and your dedicated assistant will present you with the products of your interest, do the shopping and bring them to you.

The passengers of LOT Business Class can use the new executive lounge with a breathtaking view over one of the world’s busiest runways!

One of the key advantages of Terminal 2 is its very good communication with the centre of London. The terminal is directly connected to the railway station from which Paddington station can be reached within just 15 minutes by the Heathrow Express! For passengers arriving at the airport by car, there are as many as 1,300 parking spaces available.

London Heathrow Terminal 2
London Heathrow Terminal 2 (© LOT)

The Terminal 2 has, since the very beginning, been called the home of Star Alliance, since all alliance airlines flying to Heathrow will operate there. At present, together with LOT, there are several airlines using the new terminal.

London is one of the key European destinations of LOT. Each day, the passengers are offered as many as three direct connections from Warsaw, LO281 at 7:50, LO279 at 15:10 and LO285 at 20:00. The return flights take off at 6:35 (LO286), 10:25 (LO282) and 17:50 (LO280). The timetable has been arranged so as to allow the passengers to either spend an entire day in the capital of the UK, or enable comfortable transfers via Warsaw to many cities in Poland, Europe and worldwide.

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