LOT introduces Sky Shopping on European Routes

LOT Embraer 170
LOT Embraer 170 (© A. Wadman GNU 1.2)

For many years, LOT passengers have been familiar with the very popular duty free sales offer during long-haul flights. Recently, the product offer has been slightly modified, extended and described in a modern and more user-friendly brochure. A few months ago, the carrier also introduced on-line shopping with on board delivery. All Dreamliner flights to and from Chicago, New York, Toronto or Beijing allow passengers in all travel classes to choose from a wide selection of affordable luxurious goods or pick up their shopping order made before the flight at airkiosk.lot.com.

Recently, LOT has been undergoing significant changes and launching new products and services to meet customer needs. Due to the popularity of sky shopping on long-haul flights, LOT has introduced a similar option on most European flights lasting over 90 minutes.

For starters, the special brochure available on board LOT aircraft includes top-quality Visanti pearl jewellery. The most popular products were selected from over 2,000 designs, and the brochure features necklaces, bracelets and pendants for example.

LOT is planning to extend the shopping offer depending on passenger demand.


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