Lessor Falko adds ex-Augsburg Embraer E190 to its Portfolio

Augsburg Airways Embraer 195
Augsburg Airways Embraer 195 (GNU 1.2 A. Wadman)

Falko Regional Aircraft Limited (Falko) announced that it has added a second Embraer 190-100LR aircraft to its portfolio which was previously operated by Augsburg Airways. The aircraft has been immediately placed under operating lease agreement with Cobham Aviation Services Australia.

The acquisition of Falko’s second Embraer manufactured aircraft is another step in the continuing growth and development of the Lessor’s portfolio and comes just a few months after the company acquired its first Embraer 190 aircraft which is in service with Borajet in Turkey. The 2010 vintage aircraft has been placed on lease by Falko to Cobham where it will provide charter flights from Perth to Barrow Island in support of operations on Barrow Island in the North West of Australia.

“The addition of this aircraft to the portfolio serves to further highlight the on-going growth and expansion of Falko’s business and illustrates our ability to source regional jet acquisitions as well as originate lease transactions” said Mark Hughes, Executive Vice President – Corporate Finance, Falko Regional Aircraft Limited. “Cobham Aviation Services have been a longstanding customer of Falko through its use of the successful BAe 146/Avro RJ aircraft to provide transport solutions to the closed charter sector. We look forward to continuing to further assist Cobham going forward in adopting new aircraft types in support of their operations.”

“This purchase of an additional E190-100LR underlines a commitment by Falko to all regional aircraft types and reflects a strong acquisition strategy that has resulted in the addition of 15 aircraft to the portfolio over the last 18 months. With further transactions approaching completion we look forward to making further announcements regarding the addition of more aircraft to our expanding portfolio in the near future.”

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