KLM and Garuda enhance their Codesharing Agreement

Garuda Indonesia Airbus A330-200
Garuda Indonesia Airbus A330-200 (GFDL 1.2 A. Zhao)

Starting from 19 January 2015, Garuda Indonesia and KLM agreed to extend their code sharing agreement a “Block Space Seat Swap” arrengement on the Jakarta – Amsterdam – Jakarta route.

In this new arrangement, KLM will assign 200 seats (50 in business class and 150 in economy class) per week on the Amsterdam-Jakarta vv. service for Garuda Indonesia passengers by using Garuda Indonesia’s own code (flight number) on the flight. In return, Garuda Indonesia will also assign 200 seats (50 in business class and 150 in economy class) for KLM passengers by placing the KLM flight number on the Jakarta-Amsterdam-Jakarta flight.

The “Block Space Seat Swap” will offer passengers greater convenience and travel choices to and from Amsterdam – given that the Jakarta – Amsterdam – Jakarta service will be served daily after previously being served 5 times per week.

The agreement reflects Garuda Indonesia’s efforts to continously improve its service to its passengers and to expand the airline’s market. The agreement enables both airlines to offer more flight schedules between the countries to passengers. This is also a follow up to Garuda Indonesia and KLM’s membership in the SkyTeam global alliance.

Garuda Indonesia

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