First LEAP-powered A320neo rolls out of assembly

Airbus A320neo with LEAP 1B engine (© Airbus)
Airbus A320neo with LEAP 1B engine (© Airbus)

The first LEAP-1A-powered A320neo rolled out of final assembly today. Next step will be ground tests leading to first flight.

Until now Airbus had only two A320neo jetliners – both powered by Pratt & Whitney engines – flying in its test campaign with the second A320neo test aircraft taking to the skies for the first time at the end of March. It joined Airbus’ initial A320neo developmental jetliner – which performed its historic maiden flight in September 2014.

In addition to its new engine choices, A320neo Family jetliners also incorporate Airbus’ fuel-saving Sharklets wingtip devices – improvements which will deliver 20 percent reductions in fuel burn for operators.

CFM International, Airbus

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