Eurolot announces new services from Warsaw

Eurolot Bombardier Q400
Eurolot Bombardier Q400 (© CC 3.0 L. Verkuringen)
Polish regional airline Eurolot announces new connections from Warsaw Chopin Airport. With the beginning of the winter schedule 2014/15 the carrier will operate to Stuttgart in Germany and to the following airports on Balkan: Zagreb (Croatia), Chisinau (Moldova) and Cluj-Napoca (Romania). Eurolot will fly on all routes with their Bombardier Q400.

Eurolot will operate to Stuttgart and to Zagreb 7 times a week, to Cluj-Napoca 6 times a week and to Chisinau 4 times a week.

The destination on the Balkans should be the biggest challenge to Eurolot because these are niche markets. But Eurolot says these destinations have the potential to become vital links between the countries and the “new Europe”. Travellers from Warsaw will reach the airports on the Balkan Peninsula in less than two hours.

The new directions on the map are the first step in a long-term cooperation with partners in the tourism industry. On the other hand it is a promotion of the Eurolot brand.

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