CAAC grants Type Certificate to ARJ21-700

COMAC ARJ21 (CC SA 2.0 P. Chen)

Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) granted an ARJ21-700 aircraft type certificate to Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China, Ltd. (COMAC) in Beijing on December 30th, 2014. This indicates that the first regional jet independently developed by China in accordance with international standards has passed the airworthiness certification of CAAC, met the requirements of China Civil Aviation Regulations (CCAR) Part 25 Airworthiness Standards: Transport Category Airplanes (CCAR-25-R3), reached an acceptable level of safety, and is permitted to participate in civil aviation transportation. Meanwhile, it also tells the world that China owns the first jet which can enter into route operation and has the competency of developing transport category civil jets and the ability of conducting airworthiness certification.

ARJ21-700 aircraft is a new middle- and short-range turbofan regional jet, with a product family including the basic version, the cargo version and the corporate version. The basic version ARJ21-700 aircraft has a hybrid class layout of 78 seats, an all-economy class layout of 90 seats and a range of 2,225-3,700 km, mainly for meeting the operating requirements of radial course from the urban center to surrounding small cities. ARJ21-700 program was established with the approval of the State Council in 2002, and was originally researched and developed by China Aviation Industry Corporation I. As the main organization for implementing large passenger aircraft programs, and also the organization in overall planning the development of trunk liner and regional jet and realizing the industrialization of civil aircraft in China, COMAC was established in May 2008 to undertake ARJ21-700 program.

ARJ21-700 aircraft is the first regional jet independently designed and manufactured by China strictly in accordance with CCAR-25-R3 which is equivalent to international airworthiness standards. According to Civil Aviation Law of the People’s Republic of China and Regulations of the People’s Republic of China for the Administration of the Airworthiness of Civil Aircraft, any unit or individual designing civil aircraft should apply for and obtain Type Certificate (TC) from CAAC. Aircraft design and manufacturing department should promote its work strictly in accordance with airworthiness regulation during the design, manufacturing, test and flight test of aircraft, and demonstrate its compliance to airworthiness standards to CAAC. In 2003, CAAC accepted the airworthiness examination application of ARJ21-700 aircraft. An Airworthiness Examination Committee was established to define the airworthiness certification basis, and site examination started. Up to December 2014, ARJ21-700 aircraft has completed all of the 300 tests and 528 demonstration flight tests before certification, and conducted 2,942 safe flights in 5,258 hours. After all the airworthiness qualification works and 3,418 compliance reports were approved and 398 airworthiness articles were closed, CAAC granted the ARJ21-700 aircraft type certificate to the applicant, COMAC.


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