British Airways takes delivery of its twelfth Boeing 777-300ER

British Airways Boeing 777
British Airways Boeing 777 (© BA)

British Airways has taken delivery of its latest Boeing 777-300ER. The aircraft flew into the airline’s home at Heathrow last night, before departing for Mumbai just hours later.

The aircraft is the BA’s twelfth 777-300ER, and brings the total number of 777s in the airline’s fleet to 58, overtaking the Boeing 747-400 as the mainstay of the long-haul operation.
At one time British Airways operated 57 Boeing 747-400 aircraft. That number has fallen to 48 as the airline begins the process of retiring the much-loved fleet, replacing it with Airbus A380, Boeing 787 and Boeing 777 aircraft.

Watching the new aircraft arrive, Allister Bridger, British Airways’ chief Boeing pilot said: “I think this aircraft is vitally important for the fleet, it’s a wonderful aircraft – pilots love it, it is very fuel efficient and hugely comfortable for customers.”

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