Bombardier selects GE CF34-3 for Challenger 650

Enhanced GE CF34-3
Enhanced GE CF34-3 (© GE)

Bombardier Business Aircraft selected an optimized version of GE’s CF34-3 to power its new product, the Challenger 650 aircraft.

The new engine, called CF34-3B MTO, incorporates improved take-off thrust allowing the Challenger 650 aircraft to take flight from shorter runways while maintaining current CF34-3 durability and dispatch reliability. In addition, the CF34-3B MTO’s will offer a reduced take-off thrust mode for smoother departure and to further reduce maintenance operations.

„GE is pleased to have been selected by Bombardier Business Aircraft as the powerplant supplier for the new Challenger 650, backed up with our world-class service and support by GE OnPointSM,“ said Brad Mottier, vice president and general manager of GE Aviation’s Business & General Aviation and Integrated Services division.

Beyond the Challenger 600 and 800 series, the CF34-3 engine helped launch a new era in aviation when it entered service on Bombardier’s CRJ100 aircraft in 1992, spawning the beginning of regional jet segment in commercial aviation. Nearly 3,300 CF34-3 series engines power the Challenger and Bombardier CRJ100/200 aircraft, accumulating more than 65 million flight hours, while demonstrating outstanding in-service reliability and an exception dispatch reliability rate above 99.999%.


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