Austrian and trade union sign new Collective Wage Agreement

Austrian Airlines Fokker 70
Austrian Airlines Fokker 70 (© Austrian)

Last Friday Austrian Federal Economic Chamber and the trade union signed the completed detailed collective wage agreement applying to about 3,200 members of the flight staff of Austrian Airlines. This means the negotiated solution has now been formally approved. The management and Works Council for the cockpit and cabin crew of Tyrolean Airways had reached a consensus at the beginning of October concerning the cornerstones of a new Group collective wage agreement.

The new Group collective wage agreement should already apply to the approximately 900 pilots and 2,300 flight attendants as of December 1, 2014. It regulates future salaries and retirement benefits, working time and career development for the cockpit and cabin crew. Precise details will be presented to employees next week within the context of separate information events. The Group collective wage agreement will be made known by deposit within the next days. Until then, the parties to the negotiations agreed to continue maintaining confidentiality.

A key aspect of the negotiated solution is the transfer of flight attendants and pilots to Austrian Airlines, which is scheduled to take place on March 31, 2015. Discussions on the exact legal form of this transfer are still being held at the present time.

“This agreement has given us a starting point for a new, unified Austrian Airlines. Now we can concentrate on designing the future”, says Austrian Airlines CEO Jaan Albrecht.

Austrian Airlines employs a total staff of about 6,200 employees. The fleet is comprised of 80 aircraft which fly to about 130 destinations from its home airport in Vienna.

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