Austrian Airlines selects Magnetic MRO for base maintenance

Austrian Airlines Airbus A320-200
Austrian Airlines Airbus A320-200 (© O. Pritzkow)

Austrian Airlines selects Magnetic MRO to perform Heavy Maintenance services for its fleet of A320 during the winter season of 2014/2015.

Magnetic MRO Base Maintenance Director Sergei Shkolnik: ́We are delighted that once again Austrian Airlines, the airline recognized by passengers and partners for its quality, has chosen Magnetic MRO as its Heavy Maintenance partner. Magnetic MRO, then Air Maintenance Estonia, started providing Austrian with airframe base maintenance services back in 2005. Since then numerous C-Checks have been performed on Austrian B737 NG fleet and now Magnetic MRO is delighted to service Austrian fleet of A320 Family aircraft. During the upcoming season, Magnetic MRO will perform a series of C-Checks which contain large structural inspections, landing gear changes and service bulletin embodiment. ́

Under the new agreement, Magnetic MRO will take care of Austrian Airlines fleet of A320 aircraft during a nose-to-tail maintenance program from December 2014 until March 2015 in its facilities in Tallinn, Estonia. Each check with its defined ground time is unique due to different aircraft type, age and modification package added. Checks range from line to heavy maintenance events with combination of structure tasks and landing gear replacements. Subject to availability and approval of the modifications, a number of aircrafts will undergo light cabin refurbishment such as installation of new class divider systems, or In-Flight Entertainment systems.

Thomas Schmid, MRO Management, Department Engineering, Austrian Airlines explains the decision: ́We chose Magnetic MRO as our maintenance provider because of excellent relationship that goes back for a long time already. Austrian Airlines and Magnetic MRO have same demands on quality. At the same time, Magnetic MRO has a fair market value and TAT, provides high flexibility, state of the art maintenance facilities, highly skilled, friendly and motivated workforce and has during our cooperation proven to be a reliable and experienced partner with a focus on the customer.

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