ATR delivered 83 aircrafts in 2014

Garuda Indonesia ATR72-600
Garuda Indonesia ATR72-600 (© O. Pritzkow)

The year 2014 ended for ATR beating last years’ records in sales; deliveries, turnover and backlog. The aircraft manufacturer’s sales increased to 160 aircraft, along with 120 options, exceeding the previous 2011 record (157 firm sales and 79 options). ATR also achieved a record turnover in 2014, reaching 1.8 billion dollars (1.63 billion in 2013), and increased its deliveries to 83 aircraft (compared with 74 in 2013). As a result of the extraordinary commercial year experienced by ATR, 2014 ended with 280 aircraft in its backlog, an end-of-year level never reached until now.

In 2014, ATR signed the largest cumulative order of its history, with a contract that brings the number of firm aircraft orders from the Indonesian airline Lion Air to one hundred. ATR also reached a major milestone in its history with the signing of the 1000th order for the ATR 72 which will fly the flag of Airlines PNG, the Papua New Guinea airline.

The 160 firm sales and 120 options represent nearly half the total sales of regional aircraft of below 90-seat capacity for the year. It reinforces the position of the ATR-600 as the regional aircraft of choice of airlines and leasing companies across the world. For the turboprop aircraft segment, these sales account for 80% of all the orders for the year.

The 83 deliveries in 2014 represent not only a new record for ATR but also an increase of more than 60% over the last five years (51 deliveries in 2010). This number of deliveries, which ranks first among all below-90-seat regional aircraft deliveries during the last year, enables ATR to pursue one of its main lines of development, namely the consolidation of its production ramp-up which will continue in 2015 and should enable it to exceed the 100 deliveries mark in 2016.

In 2014 ATR registered a new record turnover of 1.8 billion dollars. This financial performance will continue its upward trend in 2015, to tend to the ambitious figure of 2 billion dollars, due notably to the even higher delivery forecasts.

Since the start of the program in 1981, ATR has registered net orders for 1470 aircraft (470 ATR 42s and 1000 ATR 72s).

As at 31 December 2014, ATR had delivered 1190 aircraft (436 ATR 42s and 754 ATR 72s). These figures enable ATR to boast a new record: a backlog of 280 aircraft at the start of the year. The order book represents a value of 6.8 billion dollars, and means that ATR can guarantee nearly three years of production while continuing to increase its delivery rates.

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