Alpha Star becomes first ACJ319neo launch customer

Airbus ACJ319neo in the livery of Alpha Star Airlines (© Airbus)
Airbus ACJ319neo in the livery of Alpha Star Airlines (© Airbus)

Riyadh-based Alpha Star has become the first to announce a commitment for an Airbus ACJ319neo, consolidating its role as the largest VVIP charter operator in the Middle East.

Delivery of Alpha Star’s ACJ319neo is planned for the second quarter of 2019. Selection of engines and cabin definition will follow later.

Airbus’ newly launched ACJneo Family features new, more efficient, engines, wingtip-mounted Sharklets, improved cabin-comfort and upgraded fuel and baggage capacity.

“Middle East customers already recognise and appreciate the greater comfort, capacity and capability of Airbus corporate jets, so new and improved versions are a natural next step when it comes to investing for the future,” says Alpha Star CEO Salem Al Muzaini. “Being first in the region with the Airbus ACJneo Family will also help us to maintain our lead in VVIP charters,” he adds.

Alpha Star currently owns, manages and operates a fleet of Airbus corporate jets, comprising ACJ318s, ACJ319s, ACJ320s, an ACJ330, an ACJ340, and other aircraft types.

Airbus’ new ACJneo Family currently comprises an ACJ319neo, which can fly eight passengers up to 6,750nm/12,500km, or more than 15 hours, and an A320neo that can transport 25 passengers up to 6,000 nm/11,200 km, or more than 13 hours.


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