airberlin leaves the Association of European Airlines

Air Berlin Airbus A320 (© O. Pritzkow)
Air Berlin Airbus A320 (© O. Pritzkow)

airberlin has terminated its membership of the Association of European Airlines (AEA). Germany’s second largest airline is therefore responding to increasingly obvious discrepancies in the common representation of interests of the major European airlines.

“We see no future in a protectionist aviation policy in Europe. On the contrary; the liberalisation of bilateral agreements will promote further consolidation and new, innovative business models, thereby benefitting all passengers. With its current focus and representation of interests, the AEA is not fulfilling these ideas, but allowing itself to be driven by airlines which desperately try to erect a new wall around Europe”, said airberlin Chief Executive Officer, Stefan Pichler.

“I’m firmly convinced that new investment in the European aviation industry – from other regions of the world, for example – will not only preserve many jobs, but also create new ones. Increased competition will offer passengers more choice and more attractive services, and promote long-term growth and additional connections”, continued Pichler.

airberlin will continue to be involved in aviation policy at a European level and will now actively promote its own initiatives in Brussels.


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